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“SUN DIARIES” Creativity Workshop

A new learning with a new art form. We will work with few solutions, one or two brushes and some personal collectable items, from which we will create an art work, a collage of prints and pictures which will be your personal narration.

“SUN DIARIES”: Nostalgia- Memories fleeting stills


We all have memories tucked in our minds. They float and surface and what if we could capture those snippets and make a collage and frame it somewhere. A very personal story of your memories in the color of blue.

We will ask the interested participants to bring small objects, your very own personal collections like a  sea shell that you once collected from your vacation, a safety pin, one earring whose other pair is lost, beads, pictures of your family and dear ones and even the picture of your home.








Bring your memories and we help you to create an amazing art work which can be a wonderful gift to yourself and your dear ones !

Batch size for the workshop is limited ! Hurry !!

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Register today ! Limited seats left ! 


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Launching on Dec 1, 2019 ! Montage – The Blog by LifePrep


Montage” is a blog being launched and managed by LifePrep Supplementary Education, supported by Satikanta Guha Centre for Culture and Learning & Kolkata Kairali Samajam, a socio-cultural organization based in Kolkata. This blog strives to be a platform for those aspiring writers/artists who wish to be seen alongside established, experienced and celebrated writers/artists. And to have their creations/writings reach as many readers as possible.

This interactive blog platform will engage the readers and the writers/artists in meaningful conversations. These writings and works of art, which will be shared across multiple platforms on social media will provide the aspiring talents the exposure as well as encouragement which will make a world of difference to their confidence and self-belief.

The blog will accept the articles in any of the categories – Short Stories, Poems, Cartoons, Drawings, Paintings, Reviews of Movie/Book/Literary Work, Travelogue, Experiences (about a particular event, incident etc). There is a separate section for Essays/write-ups – on any subject/topic which provides knowledge or insight into it for the reader. The topic could be Technology related or one to create awareness on something

All the above are segregated into separate sections. Multiple languages are allowed and there is a separate section for each language. A brief profile of the author, which includes a photograph along with the brief details about the author, will be published along with the article.

Submissions to Montage:

  • All articles to be sent by e-mail only to
  • The articles should be attached with the e-mail and not to be given in the e-mail body. A brief profile of the author with a passport size photograph also has to be attached separately with the e-mail.
  • Essays, Stories, Poems, Travelogues, Reviews etc has to be word formatted – in MS Word. Images are allowed to be part of the item.
  • Scanned copies of written documents are not acceptable,
  • Quotations or extracts within the articles, if any, from any source should be put within quotation marks and clearly indicated by naming the source within brackets after the quotation or extract.
  • There is no specific limit in the number of words in an article. However, the contributors are expected to keep the items short and compact
  • Drawings/Paintings have to be submitted as .jpg or .png files. Scanned copies of drawings/paintings are acceptable
  • There is no specific age limit for contributors. However, focus of the blog will be on contributors who are 14 years old or above
  • Separate section is provided for kids between 5 and 14 years of age

Call +91 9830337697 in case you have any queries…

A.I.D 2019


LifePrep Supplementary Education, in association with Satikanta Guha Centre of Culture and Learning, a unit of the Satikanta Guha Foundation, has set up AID (Aspire . Ideate . Debate), a platform to give students and young adults an opportunity to express their views on subjects that affect their lives, directly or indirectly.

This is part of the endeavor by LifePrep Supplementary Education strive to understand what constitutes and contributes to academic excellence and to provide all those engaged in the quest of such excellence a common and collaborative platform.

The first event of AID 2019 will be an essay competition and a debate in September–November 2019 on the following subject:

“Coping with performance pressure in adolescence”

Click Here for Details and Online Registration

LifePrep Summer Programs – WHY ???

LifePrep Summer Programs 


Here are some of the reasons why one should join a LifePrep Summer Program of interest:

  • Develops a Social Understanding
    In the LifePrep Summer Program sessions, students and youngsters from different Institutions or Organizations are put under one roof. This gives them to learn to challenge each other in a healthy and supportive environment. Being more connected breeds a much needed tolerance.
  • Increases Confidence and Social Skills
    One of the most important benefits of attending a LifePrep Summer Program is the confidence it gives the young people, since all the programs have the enhancement of Social/Life Skills and thereby confidence of the participant as the core objective. This new-found confidence is not just social, it can also instill an academic confidence depending on the type of summer program chosen.
  • Experiential Learning
    LifePrep Summer Programs promotes experiential learning, which is different than the way traditional classroom sessions. Here, students are involved in the learning process and this often results in a deeper form of learning and applicable skills. These programs help participants to develop leaderships skills that help them both socially and in an academic setting.
  • Gives Students the Edge when Applying to University
    University admissions are now more competitive than ever, with students from around the world competing against one another to gain a place in their choice of subject. Attending a good summer program can do just that. Students who choose to spend part of their summer holidays studying, meeting people and having new experiences demonstrate a willingness to learn and experience new things, a trait admired by university admissions teams. The participants of LifePrep summer programs gain a number of skills which can benefit them if and when they are invited to an admissions interview.
  • Develops New Friendships
    Attending a summer program allows students to meet others like them of a similar age, but from other institutions, giving them the opportunity to make friends from different backgrounds. These friendships grow year on year as they stay in contact, visit each other, meet up at university and go on to become friends long after their summer experience as well.



Seminar on 27 July, 2018

Seminar – “Education for Living; Learning for Life”


In our mission to understand excellence in its totality and to create a common and collaborative platform for this quest, the Satikanta Guha Foundation, in association with LifePrep, is happy to announce a lecture series. The first of the series, a seminar on ‘Education for Living; Learning for Life’ – will be held at Garden High School on Friday July 27, 2018 at 5 PM.

The seminar will explore issues which are now vital concerns for society at large, such as the nature of holistic learning that paves the path to excellence, the values that go into its creation, the yawning gap between theory and practice and between book-learning and skill-learning that needs to be bridged.



Be an Author & Publisher !

Workshop on Creative Writing in English


Dream to be a Writer ? Want to improve your Writing Skills in English ? This workshop aims to aid learners produce original literary works – short stories, poems and fables. And yes, each group of participants will come up with their own book at the end of the workshop !

Program coverage includes

  • Creative Writing
    • Imagery
    • Metaphor
    • Rhymes and Poem Formats
  • Fables
    • Creating characters
  • Freeing One’s Imagination
    • Series of activities to promote creativity
  • Creating one Book per Team



Learn GERMAN Language

German Language Workshop


Do you aspire to go for higher education in Germany, where University education is FREE for foreign students ? Just want to learn a foreign language as an additional skill ? This 9-day “preparatory” workshop is designed to introduce and prepare pupils to basic German Language and communication.

The coverage includes:

  • Country and Greetings
  • Days, Months, Numbers 0 – 100
  • Alphabets
  • Introduction – Myself, My Home, My Family, My School
  • Food & Drinks
  • Basic communication using German

Advanced programmes in German Language is also available




Performance Workshop on MAGIC


Wonder how the magician makes things disappear into thin air with a wave of his magic wand ? Do you want to astonish your parents and friends the same way ? Here is a workshop to enjoy the performances from a professional magician, learn a few magic tricks and get your MAGIC KIT for performing these !

The Programme includes

  • Training on simple magic tricks
  • Distribution of Magic Kit
  • Performances by the Magician



Make Your First Short Movie !!!

Workshop on “Short Movie Making”


Dream to have your own “Short Movie” going “viral” on YouTube and other similar social media platforms ? Have a creative mind and want to see your story being transformed into a movie ? This workshop is to give the participants the training by professionals to do exactly the same – make their own movie ! The participants, divided into teams, will be working on making 1 short film per team.

The coverage includes:

  • Introduction to Cinematography
  • Introduction to Editing
  • Introduction to Screenplay writing
  • Understanding Art Direction in cinema
  • Introduction to Sound
  • Shooting, Editing and Sound mixing of the films
  • Screening of the finished films

The workshop includes one day of “Outdoor Shooting” for their movie as well !



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