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logo-prudentis-smallLifePrep is an initiative from Prudentis based on the belief that all learners – young and old, should have access to Supplementary Education for Enriched Learning and Development beyond the scope of the regular academic curriculum and sessions.

LifePrep aims to facilitate overall development of an individual by focusing on improvement of communication/presentation skills, social etiquette and enhance self-confidence in a setting outside of formal, mainstream education.

LifePrep Programmes

  • English & Foreign Languages

    Programmes in Communicative English & Foreign Languages like German, Spanish...
  • Life Skills

    Programmes on Thinking Skills, Social/Interpersonal Skills, Emotional Skills...
  • Art & Creativity

    Programmes on Painting, Music, Photography, Short Movie Making...
  • Corporate Training

    Customized programs aimed at augmenting the re-skilling efforts by Corporate Houses...
  • Programmes for Teachers

    Designed to enhance the proficiency and competence to meet new requirements of the profession...
  • Drawing/Painting Competition

    Chitrolsav 2020 - Drawing & Painting Competition for Students was conducted in February 2020...
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