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Teachers in Educational Institutions perform the function of leading their students from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. The Teacher is undoubtedly the most important element in any Educational Programme. This means that it is imperative to invest in the preparation and up-skilling of teachers.

The Programmes for Teachers are designed to enhance the proficiency and competence which enable them to meet the requirements of the profession and face the challenges as well. These Programmes offer an amalgamation of Teaching skills and Professional Skills to help create the knowledge, right attitude and skills in Teachers, thus promoting holistic development.

Teaching Skills include Training & Practice in different techniques, approaches and strategies which help the Teachers to plan and impart education and conduct effective assessments as well. It includes Classroom Management Skills, effective use of instructional materials and tools – including Information Technology and Communication Skills.

Professional Skills include the techniques, strategies and approaches that would help them grow in their own profession. It includes soft skills, counseling skills, interpersonal skills and technological up-gradation among others.

LifePrep offers tailor-made programmes for beginners as well as experienced teachers. The program for beginners help them to understand the new profession by learning the demands and requirements and prepare them for the challenges. The program for the experienced Teachers is more focused on up-gradation of their skills and keeping them abreast with the recent developments and trends.


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