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LifePrep Supplementary Education, in it’s mission to understand what constitutes and contributes to academic excellence and to provide all those engaged in the quest of such excellence a common and collaborative platform, has set up AID (Aspire . Ideate . Debate). This is visualized as a platform to give students and young adults an opportunity to express their views on subjects that affect their lives, directly or indirectly. This has been set up in association with Satikanta Guha Centre of Culture and Learning, a unit of the Satikanta Guha Foundation.

As part of the A.I.D initiative, a series of events are planned and are scheduled to be announced at regular intervals.

The last A.I.D 2019 event was an Essay Competition in November – December 2019 with the central theme:

“Coping with performance pressure in adolescence”

The next event in this series will be announced soon…


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