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Communicative English – an approach to language teaching in which a person learns from real life interaction is a tried and tested method for improving English skills as effectively as possible. When it comes to communicative English, there are many different techniques that can help to give one the edge over other learners and native speakers in conversations; ensuring a great first impression every time.

The Communicative Approach is an idea that to learn English successfully, one has to communicate in the language, in meaningful situations, in order to see the value of one’s work. When learners are involved with real life communication, which is also meaningful to them, they see value in their work. This can help a learner to develop a natural approach to language learning and vocabulary acquisition moving forward, outside of the classroom.

The communicative approach is not just limited to real life verbal communication. It is an approach to language learning in general. By adopting the communicative approach, a learner will be able to improve on his/her fluency, enabling him/her to be more confident when interacting in English.

Strengthening one’s communication skills in English is necessary, and is a powerful tool that can be used for business, travel or simply to have a conversation. By improving on one’s communicative English, a learner is enabling himself/herself to not only hold a conversation in the target language, but also developing the required skills to go forth and develop a natural approach to language learning and vocabulary acquisition moving forward, on their own.

LifePrep offers Communicative English Language programmes for Students as well as Corporates – both as standard course offerings and customized packages.

Foreign Language Programmes

The obvious advantage of learning more languages is boosting one’s CV and something which will come handy while travelling. But is it just that or much more ?

Speaking two or more languages is a great asset – this has been proved by psychological studies. The brains of multilingual people operate differently which gives many mental benefits than single language speakers. The analytical skills of students are seen to improve when they study a foreign language. Learning a new language also provides the exposure to another culture, which lessens the prejudice towards people who are different. It expands one’s world view and makes one more flexible and tolerant. In the globalised economy of today, foreign travels or interaction with foreigners is absolutely necessary – whether it is as a student who travels abroad for studies or a professional who does the same for better career prospects.

The basic foreign language programmes from LifePrep are ideal as “preparatory programmes” for students or professionals who wish to learn a foreign language in detail at a later point of time. The programme would be useful for those students who aspire to travel abroad for higher studies or for taking up career assignments later on.

Programmes for Certification and basic courses are currently available in:

  • German
  • Spanish
  • French

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