Life Skills Programmes

While the focus of formal education is mostly on curriculum-based subjects, it is equally important for the Educational Institution to focus on the student’s overall development as a good citizen as well as a successful professional. For this, it is important to develop the life skills and character of the student, which include support/guidance for development of Thinking Skills, Social/Interpersonal Skills, Emotional Skills and Awareness on various subjects like health, environment etc


All these subjects/skills’ training are delivered to the students through carefully designed programs by LifePrep, which are interactive and activity-based. These training/awareness sessions are conducted in any of the modes as below or as a combination of these, handling different subjects/topics/skills:

  • Periodic Workshops/Presentations
  • Summer Camps/Sessions during Vacations
  • Regular Sessions


English Language-based Programmes



Storytelling as a learning tool encourages students to explore their unique expressiveness. It also increases a student’s ability to communicate his/her thoughts and feelings clearly. This requires only the power of listening and speaking  along with imagination of the student and nothing else.   The experience of storytelling can be the best way for a student to understand the strength of words spoken, importance of listening skills and that clear communication between people is an art. Here are just two of the many ways in which it adds value to a student’s abilities:

  • Improve Verbal Skills – Being verbally proficient increases the student’s ability to negotiate, discuss and more importantly resolve interpersonal conflicts
  • Use their imagination – Developing this not only empowers students to explore new, innovative ideas, but also to motivate themselves to accomplish their dreams


Creative Writing

Creative Writing is definitely a means for students to unleash the power of their creativity. It is also a proven way to improve language learning. Not many students will earn a living as a writer as they grow up. But writing is important as the ability to communicate effectively is of utmost importance for every student to progress in his/her careers in future. The knowledge they gain from the experiences in their creative writing activities lasts a lifetime.

  • Expanding the vocabulary – Writing creatively is a non-academic way for students to expand their vocabulary and to be more comfortable when they communicate or express about themselves and their experiences in life
  • Be structured in Communication and Expressions – As students discuss writing among themselves, they learn to be creative as well as structured


Public Speaking

We have heard many times about the “I have a dream” speech of Martin Luther King. We also know the importance of the “Gettysberg address” in Abraham Lincoln’s march towards Presidency. We have also read and heard the “Tryst with Destiny” speech of Jawaharlal Nehru after India gained independence from the British.

Their speeches have been instrumental in uniting people and inspiring great change. But is public speaking skills just about delivering speeches ?  How is it important for all of us in everyday life ?

  • Improve Communication Skills – Public speaking is just another way of communication and therefore, improving Public speaking skills automatically makes you more confident around people, and also increases your skill at perceiving people’s reactions to your message
  • Transfer of Ideas to bring about a Change – For anything important to happen, ideas need to be transferred from one person to many. People with good public speaking skills have the opportunity to influence people’s thoughts and are in a position to create positive change


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