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Still Photography & Stop-motion Animation

 “A picture is worth a thousand words” – says the popular idiom. Photographs are images of events, times, places and more importantly, those special moments in life. Photography is a great hobby – when you capture that special moment in your life, you carry the memories of that event with you.

While it is good for one’s brain to learn skills, photography is one skill, with which one can have lots of fun as well. It brings out the creative talents in you. Interest in photography is bound to take you outdoors, which automatically exercises your body as well ! Photography is a hobby which makes travels much more enjoyable, apart from the wealth of knowledge those images you capture bring.

The fun-filled workshop on “Still Photography and Stop-motion Animation” from LifePrep helps participants to not only learn the basics of Photography using a digital/mobile camera, but also how to animate using Stop Motion Technique. The participants will be showcasing their own animation movies by the end of the workshop.


Short Film Making

There is no doubt that Film making is a highly technical discipline, involving various skills and not just photography. However technological advancement and the platforms provided by social media like You Tube have encouraged a large number of enthusiasts to try their hand at short film making.

The fact that the new generation smart phones come with very good cameras and digital cameras in general do not need films, which otherwise was an expensive consumable has further made the whole process almost inexpensive. Good number of software tools are available today – many of them free, which make the editing and mixing processes easier and cheaper for amateur film makers or those who approach film making as a hobby or passion.

The primary objective of the workshop on “Short Film Making” from LifePrep is to empower such amateur or aspiring film makers to try their hand before they decide to take the plunge to be a full time film maker. It also gives the basic inputs and awareness to tools for the others to continue with their hobby. The program covers the all three stages of film making: pre-production(scripting, planning), production(shooting the film) as well as post-production(editing, visual effects etc).



Learning Through Drama – This is the method of using the greatest resource that teachers have available to them – children’s imagination. Play is all what children do  before they join school. Such creativity can be harnessed through drama to enable active and interactive learning experiences.

Apart from encouraging the creative and artistic talents in students, drama can be a very powerful medium for enhancing students’ language development, especially in the areas of verbal communication, reading, and writing. It has a positive impact on their cognitive abilities. It also enhances affective growth through promoting self-confidence, social skills, and increased empathy. Drama also gives teachers an opportunity to take note of the hidden talents of some of their students.

LifePrep offers Drama – based programmes in English as well as other languages like Bengali.


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