Be an Author & Publisher !

Workshop on Creative Writing in English


Dream to be a Writer ? Want to improve your Writing Skills in English ? This workshop aims to aid learners produce original literary works – short stories, poems and fables. And yes, each group of participants will come up with their own book at the end of the workshop !

Program coverage includes

  • Creative Writing
    • Imagery
    • Metaphor
    • Rhymes and Poem Formats
  • Fables
    • Creating characters
  • Freeing One’s Imagination
    • Series of activities to promote creativity
  • Creating one Book per Team



Learn GERMAN Language

German Language Workshop


Do you aspire to go for higher education in Germany, where University education is FREE for foreign students ? Just want to learn a foreign language as an additional skill ? This 9-day “preparatory” workshop is designed to introduce and prepare pupils to basic German Language and communication.

The coverage includes:

  • Country and Greetings
  • Days, Months, Numbers 0 – 100
  • Alphabets
  • Introduction – Myself, My Home, My Family, My School
  • Food & Drinks
  • Basic communication using German

Advanced programmes in German Language is also available




Performance Workshop on MAGIC


Wonder how the magician makes things disappear into thin air with a wave of his magic wand ? Do you want to astonish your parents and friends the same way ? Here is a workshop to enjoy the performances from a professional magician, learn a few magic tricks and get your MAGIC KIT for performing these !

The Programme includes

  • Training on simple magic tricks
  • Distribution of Magic Kit
  • Performances by the Magician



Make Your First Short Movie !!!

Workshop on “Short Movie Making”


Dream to have your own “Short Movie” going “viral” on YouTube and other similar social media platforms ? Have a creative mind and want to see your story being transformed into a movie ? This workshop is to give the participants the training by professionals to do exactly the same – make their own movie ! The participants, divided into teams, will be working on making 1 short film per team.

The coverage includes:

  • Introduction to Cinematography
  • Introduction to Editing
  • Introduction to Screenplay writing
  • Understanding Art Direction in cinema
  • Introduction to Sound
  • Shooting, Editing and Sound mixing of the films
  • Screening of the finished films

The workshop includes one day of “Outdoor Shooting” for their movie as well !



Drama Workshop – Bengali


Drama Workshop in Bengali:

The participants will be working on staging a drama by the end of the workshop. In the process, they will be introduced to various aspects of drama with a special focus on acting skills. The props/sets used on stage for the drama performance will also be prepared by the participants themselves.

Explore your acting skills !!!

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