LifePrep Summer Programs – WHY ???

LifePrep Summer Programs 


Here are some of the reasons why one should join a LifePrep Summer Program of interest:

  • Develops a Social Understanding
    In the LifePrep Summer Program sessions, students and youngsters from different Institutions or Organizations are put under one roof. This gives them to learn to challenge each other in a healthy and supportive environment. Being more connected breeds a much needed tolerance.
  • Increases Confidence and Social Skills
    One of the most important benefits of attending a LifePrep Summer Program is the confidence it gives the young people, since all the programs have the enhancement of Social/Life Skills and thereby confidence of the participant as the core objective. This new-found confidence is not just social, it can also instill an academic confidence depending on the type of summer program chosen.
  • Experiential Learning
    LifePrep Summer Programs promotes experiential learning, which is different than the way traditional classroom sessions. Here, students are involved in the learning process and this often results in a deeper form of learning and applicable skills. These programs help participants to develop leaderships skills that help them both socially and in an academic setting.
  • Gives Students the Edge when Applying to University
    University admissions are now more competitive than ever, with students from around the world competing against one another to gain a place in their choice of subject. Attending a good summer program can do just that. Students who choose to spend part of their summer holidays studying, meeting people and having new experiences demonstrate a willingness to learn and experience new things, a trait admired by university admissions teams. The participants of LifePrep summer programs gain a number of skills which can benefit them if and when they are invited to an admissions interview.
  • Develops New Friendships
    Attending a summer program allows students to meet others like them of a similar age, but from other institutions, giving them the opportunity to make friends from different backgrounds. These friendships grow year on year as they stay in contact, visit each other, meet up at university and go on to become friends long after their summer experience as well.



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