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iCAS: Subscription Options


iCAS has the following subscription options. The minimum subscription is the iCAS Lite – base version. The add-on packs are additional feature subscriptions in packages, over and above the Lite version. 

  1. ICAS Lite (Basic Version)
  2. Home Schooling Pack (single package includes the three Portals)
    • Online Admission Portal
    • Student Portal
    • Employee Portal
  3. Library & Activity Clubs
  4. HR & Payroll management
  5. Campus Store Management

Guardian Zone in iCAS Student Portal


  • Requests & Communications: The facilitation of communication between the Guardian and the School authorities is done in the Guardian Zone. The Requests or Communications handled include:
    • Request for Appointment – Teachers & Others
    • Communication related to Fees
    • Communication related to Stores or Transportation
  • Feedbacks – Questionnaire
    • This feature can be used for collecting the views of Guardians on any specific subject matter. The Guardian can provide descriptive responses to the queries posted by the school with the option to submit documents along with the responses
  • Surveys or Polls
    • This feature enables the school to setup MCQ-based surveys/polls for Guardians on specific subjects, activated for specific time periods
  • Access Security
    • The access to Guardian Zone is separated from the other modules of the Student Portal using an access code which can be maintained by the Guardian. The option to change/reset as per need is available.

iCAS: empowering the Institution’s workforce

  • Staff Management: iCAS ERP and Employee Portal provides the tools for Teachers and options for other staff members. The HR functions are covered from online Employment Application to Resignation or Retirement. Common Features include:
    • View/download HR & Service records, including Payslip
    • Leave Applications & Approval as per rules applicable
    • Request for change in records
    • Notices, News on portal based on the Employee’s Community
    • Salient Features of the HRMS include:
      • Define Organization/Reporting Structure with Departments, Workgroups & Designations
      • Employee Categories, Types & Grades
      • Define Custom Leaves and Leave Rules
      • Configure Approvals matrix for Online Services and Requests
      • Off-site Duty Application
  • Payroll Management: Payroll module provides the flexibility to define the salary structure and rules as applicable to the Institution. Payroll is computed along with all statutory components like PF, ESI, Profession Tax and Income Tax. Other salient features include:
    • Define Custom Pay Heads – Regular & Adhoc
    • Salary Adjustments
    • Income Tax Statement
  • Role-based features for Academic Staff are available for Subject Teachers, Class Teachers, Principal and Vice Principal
  • Attendance entries are available for Class Teachers. Daily Attendance is a standard feature. Period-wise attendance is available as an add-on, customized feature


  • Home Learning: This module in Campus ERP enables Subject Teachers to prepare and activate tests based on their Subject and Class assignment. Employee Portal features include:
    • Download Assignment Submissions
    • Evaluate Online Tests & Publish Marks
    • Enter Marks for Offline Exams
    • Upload Answer Scripts/Answer Keys for students
    • Finalise marks for Progress Report (Class Teacher only)
  • Package Administration
    • User Management: Role-based & Individual
    • Access Control & Audit Trail

iCAS: creating an enhanced education experience


iCAS helps manage student lifecycle efficiently and ensure student retention and success. Online Services and Communications-related functions enable students and guardians to access academic information and interact with the school through a secure online portal.

  • Student Admission: iCAS Admission Portal facilitates an entirely paper-less admission process, complete with online payments and integration with the School website
  • Academics: Configure Core and Optional Subjects chosen by students as per course structure, with applicable fees related to such optional subjects. Class scheduling can be done based on Course, Class and Subjects mapped to teachers
  • Online Learning Materials: Text, image, video and external links can be shared to a target group of students by Teachers. These can be viewed and downloaded from Student Portal
  • Online Tests, Results: Configure and conduct online assignments and tests – the options for Descriptive and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) – based tests are available. Students can view results in Portal and download answer scripts. Answer Keys of MCQ Tests can be viewed after the test is auto-evaluated
  • Online Discussions: Teachers have the option to interact with students to handle doubts/queries in either “Public” or “Private” mode using this feature
  • Attendance: Daily attendance marking for students is available. The Attendance “Statsboard” gives a real-time picture of the attendance status of a Class and individual students in it. Up-to-date attendance status is available on the Student Portal. Leave application processing is available
  • Integration with Biometirc Devices is available as an additional feature, which can be customized
  • Student Separation: A step-by-step process for student separation is inbuilt. Option to submit TC Application online from Student Portal or offline and then obtain clearances from departments – both are available.
  • Final settlement of fees and refund of refundable deposits is possible through the Fees module
  • Student Communities: Notices/News can be published for student communities (Class, Section etc)
  • External Services: The Student Portal provides for online services related to associate/external services like Campus Store and Transportation
  • Campus Store: Purchase record for the student with option to download the GST invoice is available in the Student Portal. Students can also make online orders and payments
  • Transportation related records, including the route chart, charges record and option for making online payments is possible using the Student Portal
  • Student Communications: The Student Portal facilitates online communication between Guardians and the School authorities. The specific requests with various department personnel and functionaries of the School are paper-less with option for 2-level approval process. This ensures high levels of transparency in communication between the School and Guardians
  • Student Services (Online-Student Portal):
    • Internal Admission (between courses like ICSE to ISC)
    • Leave Application
    • Choice & Change of Optional Subjects
    • Records Update Request (Contact Numbers, Address etc)
    • Online Order to Store
    • Transportation – Route, Stop Change Request
    • Online Payments
    • Communications & Requests

iCAS: enabling the Management Team


  • The Power of having choices: The Institution has the power of choice to select the modules to be deployed in each of the iCAS components, and the functionalities in these modules – offering the flexibility of choice based on specific needs and budgets.
  • Having it your way: iCAS is a parameterized application, the modules are configurable to accommodate most of the requirements of an Educational Institution. This means very fast rollout and commencement of live operations. The option for customization is available in select modules.
  • Security is Paramount: Security settings in iCAS are robust and flexible. The Administrator can assign privileges to individual users or groups of users based on their operational role/responsibility and monitor them. All these are achieved without compromising the user experience.
  • Website Integration: The Student Admission and Employee Appointment functions in iCAS can be fully utilised in integration with the School website.
  • Income Management: The versatile Fees Management Module provides for definition of Fees Heads as applicable to individual courses offered, define instalment frequencies – Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly or Annual – as applicable. Instalments can be generated for individual students or class as a unit. Multiple fees collection modes – direct, integrated with Bank and/or online payments are supported. Fee Concessions and Scholarships can be configured. Fees waiver is possible with adequate approval mechanism.
  • Other Services: iCAS provides add-on modules for managing the associated services in an independent, yet integrated fashion. Services such as Store and Transportation can be managed by an external agency/organization seamlessly in a fully integrated fashion with the School.
    • Library Management System helps cataloguing and tracking of Books, using ISBN and customized barcodes. Managing members through categorization and setting rules for categories is available
    • Campus Store Management module has features for Sales, GST invoicing and Inventory tracking of Books, Stationery items and Uniforms. Organizing items into Class-wise Kits is also possible for bulk billing
    • Transportation Management module provides for Vehicle records maintenance, management of the services for students with Routes and Bus Stops, including collection of service charges.

Why iCAS ?


iCAS transforms the operations – Academic and Administrative:

– in an educational institution, digitizing the many operational processes to develop the overall productivity and performance of the school.

  • Reduced Workload, Increased Efficiency
    • Precious time is saved by automating the time-consuming, repetitive tasks. The elaborate reporting system in iCAS helps academicians focus on their core objective – achieving delivery excellence. Management team members and administrators are empowered to make well-considered decisions faster on the basis of well-presented facts and figures
  • Enhanced Collaboration for better results
    • The Student & Employee Communities in iCAS enables enhanced communication and collaborative efforts within and among communities. The teachers being available for responding to queries even after class hours is just one such thing facilitated by iCAS portals
  • Notifications, Alerts, Online Services – Increased Transparency
    • One of the serious challenges faced by any organization – educational or other – is the efficiency and cost of communication between various stakeholders. Online services and communication facilitated by iCAS goes a long way in enhanced transparency, resulting in higher levels of satisfaction. Alerts and Notifications using e-mail and SMS are available
  • Reduce Costs, Save Resources & Environment
    • Time saved is energy saved and cost saved. Striving for paper-less operations is a serious step forward in achieving a greener environment, preserving the natural resources for generations to come
  • iCAS on Cloud – Anywhere, Anytime
    • The inherent advantage of a cloud-based application is that it facilitates 24 X 7 operations. iCAS Campus ERP and the Portals are available across multiple devices and browsers for the users. No download of mobile app or registration of mobile number is required


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